Friendship is Priceless

Invite Friends to Win The 100,000 Coins Reward!

Every time you have a new friend joining Walkr, just make sure that you and your new friend's Fourdesire ID are linked up within 48 hours (your friend must be logged in to Walkr), and you shall receive 100,000 gold coins as a friendship reward!

Congrat! You can get your reward by tapping your Fourdesire ID in "Walkr > Settings".
  • 1. Tap settings
  • 2. Login with any platform
  • 3. Get the Fourdesire ID
Best Way to Get in Fit

Join The Millions of Players

Workout Together

Walk 10,000 steps a day and effectively boost your basal metabolic rate!

Expore the Universe

Explore the boundless universe with Walkr and conquer each planet with your steps.

Keep Healthy

Achieve targets with your friends and work together to complete legendary missions!

The Most Population

The Most Populous Planets in The Walkr Universe

Azure Fish
Coral Reef
Azure Fish
Golden Andrew
Ventricular Machine
Golden Andrew