Strength in Solidarity

Walking & running, you are able to power your ship to the far reaches of the galaxy, unlocking its mysteries along the way. But the universe is too vast to uncover all on your own. Now you can gather your fellow explorers to collaborate & venture into unknown territory together!

Experience the Legend

After 329 days of wandering alone through the universe, Collins & Doggii receive an alien message unlike any they’ve received before: a message from their fellow adventurers exploring the galaxy! Collins and his companions form their now legendary fleet, and carry on to uncharted corners of the galaxy, exploring the fascinating story behind each planet!

Mummy expedition team
Set off to the end of the Galaxy
The Kidnapped Engineer
Need money to hire mercenary pirates
Sudden Slime attack
A brave man must confront his attacker head-on

Assemble Your Fleet NOW!

You and your friends can now gather your own Legendary Fleet! Together, you share your energy, gold, tomatoes, and other resources, helping each other explore the cosmos faster than ever. No longer alone, no longer competing with one another but instead working together, you’re able to uncover the secrets of the universe!

Go Where No Explorer Has Gone Before

A Brand New Galaxy

When it comes to exploring the world, a solo adventurer can only go so far, but with a whole fleet of adventurers, the possibilities are endless. Countless obstacles await your Legendary Fleet, with each checkpoint full of mysteries and epic tales.

Burger Mountain

On the gigantic Burger Mountain, every being is well supported and well fed. Soft lettuce mattresses are covered with warm cheese blankets.

Infinite Racing

Infinite Racing is a famous universal S1 racing venue. Each year during the racing season, the planet is packed with racing fans from all over the universe.

Raining Cloud

The weather on this completely cloudy planet is very unstable. Sometimes, there is a big thunderstorm. Sometimes, there is big sunshine. It is said that this reflects the mood of a distant deity.

Rome Arena

Roman Colosseum was once the glory of an ancient alien race. Now and then, their brave spirits still appear in the arena to tell ancient stories.

Popcorn Prison

The inhabitants of Popcorn Prison produce tens of thousands of popcorn each day. The thick creamy buttery aroma wanders to distant places in the galaxy.

Team Discussion & Resource Allocation

Teamwork calls for intense discussion of strategy and tactics! The new team chat allows you to not only identify and discuss common goals with your fleetmates, but also lets you review the checkpoints and allocate your fleet’s resources accordingly to unlock new planets more efficiently!

Can anyone spare some sugar? We’re running low!
No Problem!
Already provide enough. Let's keep moving!
Thanks! Everyone, let’s keep moving -- together!


Start and activate your fleet in 5 minutes!

STEP 1: Pick an epic
STEP 2: Invite your friends
STEP 3: Group a fleet
STEP 4: Solve the event